CBD Uses For Pets
Just as researchers are learning more and more about the compounds found naturally in cannabidiol (CBD) and how they can provide countless benefits to the human body, they are also proving the effectiveness of CBD for pets. We are hearing many testimonials from veterinarians and private pet owners around the world who have been trying CBD for pets and the results are promising. Housepets, such as cats and dogs, can experience many of the same illnesses and symptoms are known to their owners. Whether it’s pain, tumors, restlessness or even depression, CBD oil for cats and other pets can treat the root causes. Other symptoms helped by the CBD compounds could be dull and lifeless coats, fatigue, flatulence, bowel disease, inflammation and poor appetite. Just as in humans, CBD for pets is not psychoactive, so you don’t need to worry about your pet feeling high! We get so attached to our pets that we would do anything to get some relief for them. For pet lovers, there’s nothing worse than seeing a sick dog or a suffering cat with no way to help them. But with CBD for pets, you can give them a good chance at overcoming their discomfort.
Using CBD for Pets to Reduce Anxiety
If you’ve adopted a dog, cat or other pet from the municipal pound that has suffered in its life, you can understand why it would be nervous or anxious. Even if your pet came from a well-established and professional breeder, there are certain types of pets who just seem like they can’t relax. Jumping up on the furniture, doing anything for attention, needlessly barking all night, scratching or licking themselves to the point of soreness. Any of these actions can be due to anxiety in pets. While you might be reluctant to go as far as medicating your pet, you could choose CBD oil for cats or house pets. It has shown positive results in clinical trials performed for many types of behavioral challenges. You must take into consideration that pain can also result in a restless pet. CBD for pets can be used for chronic pain, reducing the inflammation that causes the pain and lessening inflammation in the intestines that lead to irritable bowel disease.
How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog or Cat?
To understand how much CBD oil to give your dog or cat, take into consideration how it works in the body. CBD interacts through the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is a natural, biological system that is found within all mammals. ECS is responsible for many of the biological processes working in our bodies that we take for granted, including sleep, memory and immune response. To give your pet a precise dose of CBD oil, you would want to start out with the minimum to see how it reacts and behaves. Also, if your pet is on any permanent medication, speak to your vet about the correct dosage to begin with. As you continue with CBD oil for cats and pets, you will be able to find the perfect balance. Besides medications, other factors to take into consideration are the breed of dog, its size, its age and its general health. Experiment with small doses and if they are beneficial to your pet, then you’ll know you’ve hit a good amount. As with anything else, if you notice any ill effects from the CBD oil for cats, then you would want to cut the dosage back a little so your cat or dog can fully enjoy the benefits of CBD for pets.
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